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Where in the world is Joe Boyle Photography Photo Contest!

Where in the world is Joe Boyle Photography Photo Contest!

We decided to have a fun contest here at Joe Boyle Photography!  Each day we will be posting a photo from one of the travels of Joe Boyle! We might ask you questions like, “What kind of flower is this?” or “Which fact is not true about this mountain?” or the ever popular, “Where in the world was Joe Boyle Photography?” The contest will take place on Facebook so check the "Joe Boyle Photography" Facebook page often! Everyone who answers correctly will be put into a drawing to win a brand new, super awesome JBP sticker! And, if that wasn’t amazing enough…the winner from each day will be entered into a drawing at the end of the month for a 20% off coupon to be used here at Joe Boyle Photography on an item of your choice! There is a chance to win everyday…I like those odds!  Here is a link to each day's question! Click on the link and write your answer in the Facebook
Premium Cards Photo Contest

Premium Cards Photo Contest

I always feel funny about contests of any sort. They're hard for me because I always wrestle with the "Is it worth it question?" Contests can take up a lot of time and money and you might not get anything to show for it - it's a gamble everytime. But I'm relieved to say that I think the Premium Cards Photo Contest was worth it! Out of 142 photographers who entered the contest I was picked to be in the top 12 by After that, the voting was opened up to the public so they could vote for their favorite photographer.  With this particular contest the top 3 photographers with the most votes won. When the contest first opened up I did a little sharing on Facebook and Twitter and quickly secured the 3rd place position which was good enough for me. But then near the close of the contest there was another photographer who was right on my heels with votes and he overtook me, bumping me out of the winners' circle! So I kicked it into high gear and told
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