Photography Lessons

I offer photography lessons in Encinitas, CA & the greater San Diego area. There are a variety of Beachfronts, parks and trails that lend itself to excellent conditions for practicing photography. Or if you prefer the more urban environment, downtown San Diego is very well suited for that as well!


Lesson Layout

All lessons can be modified depending on your level of experience and expertise but here is a basic format and plan for the classes:

1) During the first lesson we will go over the basic principles of exposure and understanding what your camera is "doing" to capture a good exposure. Depending on your previous experience we might start discussing depth of field & how to manipulate it.

2) During the second lesson we will build upon our previous lesson. Depending on your previous experience we might start discussing the effects that shutter speed and aperature will have on your photos other than manipulating exposure. We will go over the camera modes and how you can use each to your advantage.

3) During the third lesson we will talk about light, the quality of light & composition.

4) From here on out and even during any of the other 3 previous classes I can tailor the class to your specific interests! Other things that we can discuss and teach are: Photography techniques (e.g. Bracketing, Stopping Motion, Showing Motion), Taking photos during the "Sweet Light", Portraits and different types and styles of portraits, Photojournalism, How to use your flash & more!

These are the basics that I will be teaching. My hope and goal is that each lesson moves you one step closer to understanding light and how your camera captures it - I couple that with composition and what to "look for" when taking a photo to help you take great images!

Lessons are completely open to be molded by you the participant depending on your specific interests and experience. There is no need, though I believe it is the most helpful, to take 3 consecutive classes.

Lesson Pricing

Prices are structured in a few different formats depending on how many people are in each class. So bring your friends and get a discount!

The following table shows the breakdown of prices with regards to how many people are in the class:

1 person $90
2 people $80/person
3 people $70/person
4 people + $60/person

What Others Are Saying About JBP Photography Classes

"I truly enjoyed my photo lessons and appreciate the patient manner in which you answered all of my questions." ~ Judi

"Thanks so much for the great class! I understand so much more than I ever did by just reading books. You did a wonderful job of making all the settings easy to understand. In fact, I opened an email from a photography web site that I follow and understood what they were talking about for the first time. I can’t wait to put it all into practice in Sedona. Thank you again!" ~ Debbie

"Very friendly, knowledgeable instructor. I learned a lot, and enjoyed chatting with Joe." ~ Jessica

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