About Joe Boyle Photography

Joe Boyle Photography started from a love & passion for photographing nature and the outdoors. From Glaciers & Mountains to Cities & Canyons, what you'll see here is some of my favorite work.

Most of the nature photography in this site has come through various backpacking adventures throughout the United States and some overseas locations. Places such as The Appalachian Trail and Glacier National Park have been my favorite photography spots to date. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the splendor, beauty & awe of The Grand Canyon & The Taj Mahal.

Based from Cleveland Ohio, many of the photographs come from local areas in the city or surrounding suburbs. Areas such as the shores of Lake Erie & the Boat Docks of Cleveland provide fantastic images of the nature surrounding us & the buildings that make up this unique city.

I'll keep taking pictures as long as I feel inspired to do so & feel compelled to capture the divine creation that is flowing around us!

Feel free to drop me a line at the Contact page. If you're into Facebook, Twitter and the like click on the links below and be updated with new photos as they are uploaded to the site!

Lighthouse Rocky River Park - Near Cleveland