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Over The Rhine - Barn Raising

Over The Rhine - Barn Raising

This past Memorial Day I was so fortunate to be able to see one of my favorite bands in concert - Over The Rhine! This husband and wife duo have been making music for 25 years and their kicking off a new chapter with a "Barn Raising." There's a lot of back story to why they chose to do this - go ahead and check out their site and read all about it. The short of it is, it's a new way for them to continue making and performing music while at the same time have a presence in their community and help young budding poets and musicians. This past Memorial Day weekend was a 3 day concert to raise funds for the Barn. I wasn't originally able to go, but when they opened up the idea of bartering "work-for-a-ticket", I was on board! I was happy to help and they put my sister (she also came with me) and myself in charge of the merch table. It was fun talking to other fans and helping guide new fans as to what albums they might most appreciate hearing. Here are some photos
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Coverage of "Into It. Over It." at the Grog Shop

Coverage of "Into It. Over It." at the Grog Shop

I like it when I meet cool people. The obvious response to that  is, "Who wouldn't?" I had the opportunity to meet one such cool person, Evan Weiss from Into It. Over It. An Indie Rock / Emo band originating in Chicago. Evan during his interview with Chris from Stereogum. While on assignment for an online magazine, Stereogum, I was able to talk to Evan for a brief time and was impressed by his passion, kindness & genuineness. He then proceeded to rock out at the Grog Shop! The fans were crazy and awesome as they were literally hanging from the ceiling and pressing in on the stage. Here are some of my favorite photos from the night, I hope you like them! Check out the full article on Stereogum's website - "Hell Fuckin' Yeah!" Most expensive sign in this joint. Just Kidding. Contemplative. Chris interviewing Evan. The Date. That's the dude hanging from the ceiling... nuts. Evan stopped the concert for 5 entire minutes
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