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Engagement Session - Lauren & Tyler

Engagement Session - Lauren & Tyler

I had the wonderful privilege of photographing these awesome friends of mine - Lauren & Tyler! Honestly, it started out as a "lets just grab a few shots for a save the date card..." If you've ever met me however, you know I can't do anything simple!  So we spent about an hour and a half in Medina square, just south of Cleveland, Ohio. We took our time leisurely walking around and shooting pictures! It did start to rain about half way through our time so we snuck inside the couple's favorite coffee shop for awhile. After a half hour or so we went back outside and the rain provided a beautiful sheen & reflection on the pavement, it looked so awesome! It's for that very reason why I try to never get too bummed out if the weather isn't "perfect". Even inclimate or non-favorable weather can provide some of the most unique and consequently some of the best photos! Here are a few pictures from our time together along with the save the date
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