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National Geographic Stock Library Acceptance

National Geographic Stock Library Acceptance

I'm happy, glad & proud to say that one of my photos (the photo shown here to the right) has been accepted into the National Geographic Stock Photo Library! I was able to enter this photo through the "National Geographic Your Shot" program. The great thing is, anyone can enter this! The basics of it is this: You can enter one photo a month and that photo is judged via Nat Geo. They will then pick one or two photos to be printed in the magazine and any number of photos to be published online. Read the "Your Shot Rules" for more details.  If your photo is accepted into the National Geographic Stock Library, is then available to any editors of National Geographic, that's another opportunity for your photo to be in a Nat Geo magazine one day! If other editors from other magazines who have access to this library choose this photo then you'll even get a little kickback.  The great thing about this process is because national geographic forces you
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