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National Geographic Stock Library Acceptance

National Geographic Stock Library Acceptance

I'm happy, glad & proud to say that one of my photos (the photo shown here to the right) has been accepted into the National Geographic Stock Photo Library! I was able to enter this photo through the "National Geographic Your Shot" program. The great thing is, anyone can enter this! The basics of it is this: You can enter one photo a month and that photo is judged via Nat Geo. They will then pick one or two photos to be printed in the magazine and any number of photos to be published online. Read the "Your Shot Rules" for more details.  If your photo is accepted into the National Geographic Stock Library, is then available to any editors of National Geographic, that's another opportunity for your photo to be in a Nat Geo magazine one day! If other editors from other magazines who have access to this library choose this photo then you'll even get a little kickback.  The great thing about this process is because national geographic forces you
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Neigh Day - Horse Rescue Shelter

Neigh Day - Horse Rescue Shelter

I spent this past week in Virginia to visit some friends and alongside of that I was able to join in on a popular event called "Neigh Day" sponsored by Diamonds in the Rough Horse (Equine) Rescue Shelter. The event gathered people from all over the area to see the new horses that are available for adoption. Some of these horses have horrible stories of abuse that would infuriate you and break your heart... Visitors, vendors & sponsors were all invited to help make the event quite a celebration & to raise money for Diamonds in the Rough so they can continue caring for these wonderful animals. So I spent the day there on April 21st and joined in the celebration and festivites! I also auctioned off one of my pictures to help raise money for the organization. It was a good day spending time with friends and making new ones! I was able to capture a "portrait" of this fine horse. How often do you see and a dog & a pig calmly lying next to each other?
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