Jeremie, Haiti 2013

So I just recently got back from a trip to Jeremie, Haiti. I went with a church, Renew Communities, and it was quite a moving experience... I think the part that hit me the hardest was when we visited patients in the hospital. Now, I don't want to get all heavy handed & Sarah McLachlan on you like she is in her animal cruelty videos, but trust me, it might have been one of the worst places I've ever been... Part of the reason it's so bad because as a hospital you expect that it should deliever certain things: Comfort, rest, attention, healing. While some of these are still true, the gap in this hospital compared to what we know a hospital can provide is staggering... It was very hot, had no electricity and no medication. The most the hospital can provide is a bed, a damp cloth and maybe an IV for fluids...

Moving on...

We went down there and met up with a group called, Haiti Bible Mission. Mark, the leader, and his family live there about 6 months out of the year in order to love on and empower the Haitian people. To make them leaderes in their communities and to love on their neighbors. He is definitely an inspiration to me, to help love on the people in and around my life. 


Mark Stockeland helping up a boy. The boy was left here at the hospital by his mom because his legs are paralyzed. This was the most attention he's receieved in a long time.

While down there we helped Mark and the Haitian leaders put tarps on houses, visit the sick and feed his hungry neighbors. The things that Haiti Bible Mission is doing are fantastic even if you don't subscribe to a faith or religion. The Haitians can still use a lot of our help! Here I leave an open invitation for comments, emails & phone calls if you want to hear more about my experience in Haiti. If you feel compelled, consider giving a donation to Haiti Bible Mission or follow HBM on their Facebook page and follow Mark Stockeland to learn more about what's going on in Haiti. 

Here are a few photos from Haiti. I'll try and write more and post more photos later but I wanted to get at least some pictures up for you all!


This kid was just guzzling down water.


Taking pictures of the kids!


They love seeing photos of themselves!


This was definitely one of my favorite kids that we met. He was sooo freaking happy!


Walker3Day aka DS
Sunday, Sep 1st
Joe - Thanks for keeping this real. So wonderful to have a first hand view of global needs.
Joe Boyle
Sunday, Sep 1st
So glad you appreciate it DS! Trying to keep it real... :)
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