Renew Your Calling Photoshoot

A friend of mine is delving head first into full time life coaching as a career! He is passionate about coaching leaders to help them reach their personal & faith goals. His new company is called, "Renew Your Calling"!

Before you think, "Hey can any ol' schmuck just start a 'Life Coaching' business?!" I suppose the answer to that is "yes", however Curtis is a trained coach through CoachNet Global. To celebrate the launch of his own coaching business and website, Curtis wanted some custom photography of him and a couple of clients for his website.

Below and to the right are a few of the photos and don't forget to check them out at: "Renew Your Calling".

If you think your business will benefit from custom stock photography feel free to contact me through the contact form or give me a call!

034-Life-Coach-Coaching-a-Client-for-coaching-business 042-Life-Coach-Coaching-a-Client-for-coaching-business  053-Life-Coach-Coaching-a-Client-for-coaching-business  057-Life-Coach-Coaching-a-Client-for-coaching-business   


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